New Boon Bath Tub for kids


Introducing the new innovative “Naked”, a folding baby bath / child Boon. Boon, Inc. is the manufacturer of baby products such as grass and drying support Stash organizer. Boon is known design products to make life easier for new and more stylish parents. Its latest version, the bathtub “Naked” combines modern design with the utility in the real Boon fashion.

Boon folding Nu, controllable bathtub
Naked Tub Boon, record a new classic
Unique design allows nude bathing is adjustable to fit a baby or small child as well. My favorite feature is the ability to be collapsed naked and hung up (by its built in hook) to dry. Most baby baths are large and plastic, asking “Where am I put that thing?”. The Naked Boon can be folded and hung on the path on the shower curtain rod … genius.

Boon people can do a much better job describing me. Watch this video (be sure to note the impressive stand of Boon … these walls are made of grass drying racks!):

… And now for more details:
It provides two support positions the newborn stages
The folding design and easy storage hook
position of the cradles of newborn, which will keep its head above water at rest
fully developed pool for children and babies
swivel mount for quick and safe positioning
The single-piece design, eases the transition between steps without losing party
drain plug for quick and complete drainage
Thin profile for easy storage
BPA, phthalate and PVC
Age: birth to 18 months
Dimensions: 18.25 “x 33” x 6.5 “