• Boon
  • All about Boon Inc: King of Toys


    Boon Inc. is known for its fun, creative, quality, affordable and above all, practical products. When was founded Boon? Boon celebrates its tenth anniversary. He started in 2004. Which began Boon? There is a little over ten years Rebecca Finell revolutionizing the baby products industry. She found a partner willing to Ryan Fernandez. What was […]

  • Bath Tub
  • New Boon Bath Tub for kids


    Introducing the new innovative “Naked”, a folding baby bath / child Boon. Boon, Inc. is the manufacturer of baby products such as grass and drying support Stash organizer. Boon is known design products to make life easier for new and more stylish parents. Its latest version, the bathtub “Naked” combines modern design with the utility […]